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Waste Recycling Centre Site Rules

The recycling centre opening hours are:

Monday – Friday | 9:00am – 4:00pm 
Saturday – Sunday | Closed

Please Note: All visits to the recycling centre are by appointment only & entry may be refused if you have not booked in advance.
Appointment slots are allocated up to 30 minutes. Last entry 30 minutes before closing. All vehicles must be offsite by closing time.
The recycling centre may close early if it reaches full capacity.

  • Follow all instructions given by staff.
  • All waste brought to the site may be subject to inspection by a Waste Officer before being accepted.
  • Please observe speed limits and traffic flow signs.
  • Exercise extreme caution when driving your vehicle on-site and be mindful of other users in order to avoid accidents.
  • Waste must be separated into the correct disposal bays.
  • To ensure there is enough time to dispose of your waste in your chosen appointment slot, please ensure you sort your waste before you visit.
  • Only authorised personnel/contracted staff may remove materials from the site.
  • Please only bring recyclable materials that can be safely unloaded and disposed of.
  • Staff are available to help with disposal via our disposal assistance option.

Vehicle Access & Capacity

We can accommodate vehicles up to 8m long by 2.5m wide with a maximum total weight of 16 tonnes. Trailers & articulated vehicles are not permitted due to size constraints at our location.

For Health and Safety reasons whilst containers are being emptied, no members of the public are permitted onsite.
You may be requested to wait outside the site courtyard when Job Logistics vehicles are entering/exiting the site.

Inspection Of Waste

  • If your waste is found to contain hazardous contaminants or materials that we cannot accept, you will be refused permission to tip.
  • If any waste is found to have been tipped without permission, we reserve the right to search for the carrier vehicle keeper registration details via DVLA and apply a charge for all costs involved for the waste removal. We will also report any unlawful tipping to the police & may take steps to enforce prosecution.
  • If false or inaccurate information is provided to Job Logistics staff or through the booking system, we reserve the right to refuse entry or restrict access to  the site. We will also inform the police and environmental protection agencies to allow them to carry out investigations relating to the waste.

Monitoring Of The Recycling Centre

  • Our recycling facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via CCTV and manual security inspections.
  • Any waste that is illegally entered at the recycling centre will be traced and tracked to the individual(s) that brought it & will be subject to prosecution law.
  • We keep a record of registration numbers for all vehicles  entering our sites.
  • If staff are uncertain about the origins of any waste presented, you will be required to complete a Waste Declaration Form before being accepted.
  • To avoid entry refusal, please ensure that you bring proof of identification, including a photo ID such as your driving licence or passport & proof of residency e.g., council tax or utility bill.

Zero-Abuse Policy

We operate a zero-tolerance policy with regards to abusive behaviour towards our staff & fellow users of the recycling centre. To this end, we are committed to ensuring staff member safety and security.

Please treat all staff and fellow users with respect and consideration. Any users exhibiting abusive behaviours will be asked to leave and could be subject to a permanent ban from future visits to the site. Where required we may seek police intervention.

For your personal safety and security of the site, taking photographs or video recordings is strictly prohibited without prior permission.

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