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Accepted Waste Types

Construction waste, (with no contaminants), including concrete, rubble, bricks, gravel & crushed rocks.

Including soil, sand, turf, mixed soil & hardcore.

Inert clay and clay-rich soils.

Including grass cuttings, leaves, small branches, hedge trimmings, (with no contaminants).

Including hard wood, soft wood, saw dust & off-cuts.

Dry plaster & plasterboards, (no liquids)

Dry cardboard, (containing no plastics or metal).

UPVC window frames/door frames, (containing no glass), UPVC guttering and general plastic-only waste.

Domestic seating waste containing POPs, (including leather, synthetic leather, other fabric, or foam). Such as sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, kitchen and dining room chairs, stools and foot stools, office chairs, futons and cushions.

Including ferrous solid metals, steel, iron. Non-ferrous solid non-hazardous metals also accepted to off-site storage including aluminium, copper and brass.

Including small electronics, 

Standard mattress types, including sprung, latex & foam, (classed as POPs). Charged on per item basis for disposal.

Mixed recyclable general domestic waste, including wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass bottles & metal.

Unaccepted Waste Types

No asbestos or asbestos-contaminated waste materials.

No fridges, freezers or any combination of waste items containing refrigerants or coolants of any kind.

No items containing fluorescent gasses or hazardous compounds in lighting tubes.

No items containing display screen technology such as LED, LCD, plasma or CRT.

No items containing aerosols or compressed gas of any kind, such as fire extinguishers, deodorant cans, helium tanks.

No items containing sealant compounds.

No items containing adhesive compounds.

No types of battery, including any item containing acid, alkali, or Ni-Cad compounds, such as equipment & car batteries.

No cooking oils, engine oils, wax/grease, oil-based compounds, liquids or lubricants.

No food or drink products.

No hazardous materials of any kind. Including any waste material containing bitumen, chemicals, fuels & combustibles, radioactive or explosive compounds, biological contaminants, medical compounds, sewage or contaminated material.

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