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Waste Recycling Centre Site Rules

The recycling centre opening hours are:

Monday – Friday | 9:00am – 4:00pm 
Saturday – Sunday | Closed

Please Note: All visits to the recycling centre are by appointment only & entry may be refused if you have not booked in advance.
Appointment slots are allocated up to 30 minutes. Last entry 30 minutes before closing. All vehicles must be offsite by closing time.
The recycling centre may close early if it reaches full capacity.

  • Follow all instructions given by staff.
  • All waste brought to the site may be subject to inspection by a Waste Officer before being accepted.
  • Please observe speed limits and traffic flow signs.
  • Exercise extreme caution when driving your vehicle on-site and be mindful of other users in order to avoid accidents.
  • Waste must be separated into the correct disposal bays.
  • To ensure there is enough time to dispose of your waste in your chosen appointment slot, please ensure you sort your waste before you visit.
  • Only authorised personnel/contracted staff may remove materials from the site.
  • Please only bring recyclable materials that can be safely unloaded and disposed of.
  • Staff are available to help with disposal via our disposal assistance option.

Vehicle Access & Capacity

We can accommodate vehicles up to 8m long by 2.5m wide with a maximum total weight of 16 tonnes. Trailers & articulated vehicles are not permitted due to size constraints at our location.

For Health and Safety reasons whilst containers are being emptied, no members of the public are permitted onsite.
You may be requested to wait outside the site courtyard when Job Logistics vehicles are entering/exiting the site.

Inspection Of Waste

  • If your waste is found to contain hazardous contaminants or materials that we cannot accept, you will be refused permission to tip.
  • If any waste is found to have been tipped without permission, we reserve the right to search for the carrier vehicle keeper registration details via DVLA and apply a charge for all costs involved for the waste removal. We will also report any unlawful tipping to the police & may take steps to enforce prosecution.
  • If false or inaccurate information is provided to Job Logistics staff or through the booking system, we reserve the right to refuse entry or restrict access to  the site. We will also inform the police and environmental protection agencies to allow them to carry out investigations relating to the waste.

Monitoring Of The Recycling Centre

  • Our recycling facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via CCTV and manual security inspections.
  • Any waste that is illegally entered at the recycling centre will be traced and tracked to the individual(s) that brought it & will be subject to prosecution law.
  • We keep a record of registration numbers for all vehicles  entering our sites.
  • If staff are uncertain about the origins of any waste presented, you will be required to complete a Waste Declaration Form before being accepted.
  • To avoid entry refusal, please ensure that you bring proof of identification, including a photo ID such as your driving licence or passport & proof of residency e.g., council tax or utility bill.

Zero-Abuse Policy

We operate a zero-tolerance policy with regards to abusive behaviour towards our staff & fellow users of the recycling centre. To this end, we are committed to ensuring staff member safety and security.

Please treat all staff and fellow users with respect and consideration. Any users exhibiting abusive behaviours will be asked to leave and could be subject to a permanent ban from future visits to the site. Where required we may seek police intervention.

For your personal safety and security of the site, taking photographs or video recordings is strictly prohibited without prior permission.

Accepted Waste Types

Construction waste, (with no contaminants), including concrete, rubble, bricks, gravel & crushed rocks.

Including soil, sand, turf, mixed soil & hardcore.

Inert clay and clay-rich soils.

Including grass cuttings, leaves, small branches, hedge trimmings, (with no contaminants).

Including hard wood, soft wood, saw dust & off-cuts.

Dry plaster & plasterboards, (no liquids)

Dry cardboard, (containing no plastics or metal).

UPVC window frames/door frames, (containing no glass), UPVC guttering and general plastic-only waste.

Domestic seating waste containing POPs, (including leather, synthetic leather, other fabric, or foam). Such as sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, kitchen and dining room chairs, stools and foot stools, office chairs, futons and cushions.

Including ferrous solid metals, steel, iron. Non-ferrous solid non-hazardous metals also accepted to off-site storage including aluminium, copper and brass.

Including small electronics, 

Standard mattress types, including sprung, latex & foam, (classed as POPs). Charged on per item basis for disposal.

Mixed recyclable general domestic waste, including wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass bottles & metal.

Unaccepted Waste Types

No asbestos or asbestos-contaminated waste materials.

No fridges, freezers or any combination of waste items containing refrigerants or coolants of any kind.

No items containing fluorescent gasses or hazardous compounds in lighting tubes.

No items containing display screen technology such as LED, LCD, plasma or CRT.

No items containing aerosols or compressed gas of any kind, such as fire extinguishers, deodorant cans, helium tanks.

No items containing sealant compounds.

No items containing adhesive compounds.

No types of battery, including any item containing acid, alkali, or Ni-Cad compounds, such as equipment & car batteries.

No cooking oils, engine oils, wax/grease, oil-based compounds, liquids or lubricants.

No food or drink products.

No hazardous materials of any kind. Including any waste material containing bitumen, chemicals, fuels & combustibles, radioactive or explosive compounds, biological contaminants, medical compounds, sewage or contaminated material.

Recycling Centre Booking Guide

These guidance notes are designed to help you through the process of using the recycling centre, with key recycling information and tips for a smooth visit.

What to recycle

The first step in using a recycling centre is to know what you can recycle. If you’re unsure if your waste can be recycled at our centre, it’s important to check with us before you book.

In general, you can recycle most types of paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood & garden waste. You can also recycle inert commercial materials.
Please make sure that all waste materials you bring are separated by type.

Full list of Accepted Waste Types.

Booking a recycling centre appointment​

Now that you know what you can recycle, you can book an appointment through our website booking form or mobile appointment booking app on your smartphone or tablet. (Please note that the mobile app cannot operate whilst using a VPN – virtual private network)

If you’d like to get a quick estimate, try out our pricing calculators:

Where to find the recycling centre

The recycling centre is located in Blackpool at the following address:

Job logistics Ltd
Recycling Centre
Unit 1
Dickies lane south

How to use the recycling centre

Before visiting the recycling centre, you’ll need to know how to use it. Here are a few tips:

  • Sort your recyclables into different bins/bags or containers for easy separation of waste type.
  • Don’t recycle anything that is hazardous or contaminated.
  • Ensure your recyclables are in the correct disposal boxes or bays before you leave the recycling centre.

Waste Processing

When you arrive at the recycling centre, you’ll find the weigh-bridge in the site courtyard. Our staff will confirm your booking & direct you to the weigh-bridge for the 1st weighing of your loaded vehicle.

Once an initial weighing has been carried out, sorted waste material types can then be removed & placed into the correct waste material bays.

When all the waste has been removed from your vehicle, it will then be reweighed and charged according to the waste types you arrived with. If you know an average weight of these materials you can estimate a disposal cost by using our calculator. If you are bringing more than one waste type & it collectively weighs less than 300kg, we will take an initial weighing & enter this as mixed waste. The combined weight will then be used to calculate the cost of disposal.

Public Weighing: (For a small fee, you can also use the weigh-bridge for accurate weight measurements of your loaded vehicle)

How to use the weigh-bridge

Please exercise extreme caution when driving onto and off the weighbridge & remain in your vehicle whilst using it. If you are uncomfortable driving over the weighbridge please ask one of our staff members, who will be happy to assist.

All passengers must stay in the vehicle during your booking on and off the weighbridge. Once your vehicle is parked on the weighbridge, the driver can exit using the step and support provided and walk to the ticket office window. Please provide staff at the ticket office all information they require, including the vehicle registration, your name/company name, the type of waste being disposed of and where its from. If you need help please ask for assistance.

The weighbridge has a maximum capacity of 60 tonnes and can accommodate vehicles up to 10m long by 3m wide.

Job Logistics recycling centre weighbridge length.
Job Logistics recycling centre weighbridge10 metres maximum vehicle length.
Job Logistics recycling centre weighbridge width.
Job Logistics recycling centre weighbridge. 3 metres maximum vehicle width.

When entering the recycling centre, you will find waste drop-off points sign-posted for outdoor and stored waste. In our main recycling building, there are storage areas for the waste material types that we can accept.

Please follow all staff instructions before disposing of any waste & ensure that you wear safety items including high-visibility vests, gloves & safety boots. We can provide these at an extra cost or you can purchase our labour assistance service & our staff will then unload the waste for you.

Your passenger can help you unload if they are wearing appropriate PPE safety items and stay with your vehicle. They are not permitted to wander around the site at any time. They must also be over 18 years old. Anybody under 18 is not permitted outside of your vehicle.

Safety Tips

When using a recycling centre, it’s important to be aware of the following safety precautions:

  • Wear high-viz clothing at all times onsite.
  • Wear gloves when handling recyclables.
  • Be careful when lifting heavy items.
  • Don’t overload the bins.
  • Exercise caution when driving your vehicle over the weigh-bridge & ask for assistance.
  • If you require assistance with unloading, please stay in your vehicle and our staff will attend to you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and be careful when driving.

Recycling is an important way to help the environment. By following these tips, you can use the recycling centre safely and effectively.

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